Rooms for semester 2012

Loans Library

Screening Sections

Anime Festivals

 - Supernova - Pop culture, TV & Movies, Anime, Comics, Games

 - SMASH! - Anime & Manga

- Animania - Anime and Manga

What we also do:

  • Lan Partys
  • Anime Marathons
  • Get togethers (generally around uni or in the city)
  • and many more =P

Manga Course @ Uni

Have you ever wanted to say "Mum, I'm going to do my the rest of the Evangelion series!"?

Now you can watch anime and be academically recognised...twice! The course JPS 124 - Manga and Japanese Contemporary Culture is offered at Macquarie University. Why not enrol today? Remember, if you like what you do, then you'll never have to work a day in your life...

Study Anime at Uni! JPS 124



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