Loans Library

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Loans Library Policy & Rules (as of 2010)

Loans Library Times

Loans Library and Screening times are held separately.
Loans Library - Wednesday E8A Central Courtyard

Loans Library Session

This is official session where all members with paid membership may come and borrow from our loans library archive. Members here are given the chance through a first in first served basis.

Loans Library Policy

We update our loans library as frequently as possible, ensuring we bring you the latest and best from Japan. The series which have been allocated for our screenings will be available for borrow after screenings are completed. Therefore, if you missed an episode, it is possible to catch up with the loans library. We offer computer files of these unlicensed series, which is only accessible using a PC or Laptop. These can be copied over to your Hard Drive to be watched at a different time.

All licensed anime series or movies will be removed once it has been licensed in Australia. For titles licensed in U.S. or U.K. but not in Australia, we will continue to provide access to these until a distributor in Australia obtains licenses for them. We continue to monitor as much as possible. Please help the anime industry by buying officially licensed DVDs.

Fairness Policy

We strongly believe that in order to maintain a fair system for all members, we require member to return borrowed DVD and sleeves on time and promptly, our right to BAN members are based on previous complication where members cannot find that wanted series after even waiting for several weeks. Our BAN system is also considered quite lack and fair, thus please help us maintain a fair and good system to share our lovely anime with everyone. Remember, others also paid the same money to get the same chances to borrow out the anime as well.

AnimeMQ Non-Profit Policy

AnimeMQ Loans Library runs on a Not for Profit Policy. All membership costs and fines are not used in anyway to profit. We use them to fund back for members, such as maintenance & rents fees, and repairing.

Loans Library Rules

  • Only 1 series & sleeve can be borrowed each time.
  • Regardless of the number of series, it must be returned in 7days.
  • Borrowing under a different member number or name is not permitted at all.
  • Mid-semester Recess (14days) is counted as that of a normal university week (7days), therefore if you borrow right before mid-semester recess, you are given an extra 7days to complete your copying during recess then return it once university resumes.
  • There are no special arrangements for times to borrow except allocated times.

Loans Library Return Policy

You can only borrow one sleeve at a time, and no future more until the previous sleeve is returned.

Penalties apply for late returns:

1 week - $1
2 weeks - $2
3 weeks - $5
4 weeks - BAN - member will be banned from borrowing from loans library

(BAN will only be lifted after special consideration from the executive board)

Loss & Damages

Members will be held responsible for loss and damages to Archive Discs. Penalties for loss and damages will be $5.

Lost Membership cards will be checked for membership then re-issued, however continual or repetitive losses of membership card will result in fines.